Written by: Jessica F. Simmons

The roots of the work: Blair LM Kelley’s process to publishing ‘Black Folk’

By Jessica F. Simmons

November 9, 2023

Blair LM Kelley, author of Black Folk: The Roots of the Black Working Class, shared insights on incorporating her ancestral line into her book’s writing process during the Writer’s Discussion Series Lecture last Thursday evening, November 2. Kelley is a Ph.D. holder in History with certificates in African and African American studies and women’s studies […]

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After years of underperforming, Glenn Elementary is quickly gaining ground

By Kamryn Hailey, Page Lester, Jessica F. Simmons and Katherine Snow Smith

November 1, 2023

With a master’s degree and the ability to speak two languages, kindergarten teacher Nancy Gonzalez had her pick of jobs at top-rated schools across North Carolina when she graduated in 2022. She chose Durham’s Glenn Elementary School, which was labeled as a “D” school at the time.  Last spring 100% of teachers replied “Yes” when […]

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