Written by: Molly Weisner

Durham officers trade badges for whistles to coach youth in Police Athletic League

By Molly Weisner and Sasha Schroeder

February 27, 2020

Northeast Central Durham is no stranger to interactions with law enforcement — but a program that connects youth with police through athletics is attempting to reduce juvenile crime and foster positive relationships between the community and officers. Sgt. Jessica Butler, unit supervisor, said the Durham Police Athletic League not only runs athletic camps, but also […]

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Durham Student U builds support for first-generation students in college and beyond

By Molly Weisner

February 13, 2020

Early last Saturday in Durham, high school teachers and education advocates braved frigid winds to gather outside the W.G. Pearson Center on  600 E. Umstead St. and welcome students with song and dance. Once inside, parents and students met program leaders and some teachers from their schools who were ready to lead a full morning […]

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Durham Kidznotes tunes up for benefit concert at DPAC

By Molly Weisner and Landon Bost

January 30, 2020

While most Durham public schools remained quiet last Saturday morning, Fayetteville Street Elementary School’s parking lot was full.   Out of cars ambled K-12 students from Durham and Raleigh, some shouldering black instrument cases nearly half their height.  As the sunlight warmed the January nip in the classrooms, young musicians in the Kidznotes program warmed up for a full afternoon of practice.   […]

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