Written by: Jarely Parada

PE teacher brings ‘adapted physical education’ to Durham

By Brian Shurney and Jarely Parada

April 19, 2017

  The Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) named Lara Brickhouse, a Durham teacher, National Adapted PE Teacher of the Year last month for her contribution to the special needs community. According to its website, SHAPE America is an organization founded in 1885 that aims to “advance professional practice and promote research related to […]

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A Q&A with Durham County Republican HQ Chair

By Jarely Parada

April 5, 2017

  To some people in Durham, the Republican Party is the party of old white men consumed with self-pride and a lack of care for the less fortunate. Deep in central Durham County, where only 14 percent of people are registered Republicans, one man believes the African-American community should consider a different way of thinking. […]

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Leading through faith: Hillside High students create prayer circle at school

By Jarely Parada and Molly Smith

March 1, 2017

In an age when teenagers crave social media popularity, students at Hillside High School are showing their peers the powerful impact that comes from stepping out of the norm. Every school morning at 8:50, the halls of Hillside are filled with sleepy faces, young couples and a growing number of teenagers eager to participate in […]

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Miguel Collado, owner of Los Primos, is everybody’s cousin

By Brian Shurney and Jarely Parada

February 1, 2017

Supplying juicy fruit, leafy vegetables and fresh cuts of meat on dinner tables throughout Northeast Central Durham, Miguel Collado is a provider for the community. Miguel is the owner of Los Primos Supermarket on Alston Avenue. He used to have partners running the business with him, but he took sole ownership of the store in […]

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Bull City Fresh Start brings homeless Durham residents and services together

By Olivia Browning and Jarely Parada

Mark Brunner, formerly of Augusta, Ga., lives in the woods, but intends to make a big change in the coming year. “I ain’t gonna live like this forever,” he said. Brunner made full use of the resources offered at Project Homeless Connect during a comprehensive event called Bull City Fresh Start, held at the Durham […]

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