Durham mayor

Marshall Williams Jr.: Beyond the Ballot – A Visionary’s Impact on Durham’s Future

By Hannah Adams

December 12, 2023

By Hannah Adams Published Dec. 12 Despite not securing victory in the Durham mayoral primary, 35-year-old IT sales leader Marshall Williams Jr. remains dedicated to addressing key issues and emphasizes his commitment to collaborative solutions. With a track record including captaining a football team, ranking top nationally in pharmaceutical sales, and pioneering technology startups, Williams […]

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‘I’m just so happy that I get to make a difference’: The Story of Elijah King

By Audrey Kashatus

December 11, 2023

Elijah King was born and raised in Durham with his mom and little sister. By the time King turned 18-years-old, he had moved 11 different times.  King grew up witnessing things most kids his age couldn’t have imagined. He saw eviction, moving places under 24 hours, crashing at his grandparent’s house and even different pastor’s […]

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Learning and growing from the Durham municipal elections

By Caroline Daly

November 22, 2023

Caroline Daly November 22, 2023 The election season for Durham mayor and city council were intense at times. I was not surprised by the outcome of the mayoral election because Leonardo Williams came out on top which was expected. However, my reporting focused more on the city council elections. Shelia Huggins was the candidate I […]

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LGBTQ Community Thoughts After Durham’s Primary Elections

By Audrey Kashatus and Audrey Kashatus

October 31, 2023

As Durham gets closer to its municipal elections this year, one demographic has important topics on its mind when deciding between candidates.  The remaining two candidates for the mayor of Durham are Mike Woodard and Leonardo Williams. Sylvester Williams, who has previously opposed gay marriage and cited sexuality as a contributor to the high drug […]

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Durham primary election results show close race for City Council and mayor

By Emma Hall

October 12, 2023

The municipal primary election results are in. Only a month away from Election Day, Durham held primary elections on Oct. 10 to determine the candidates for mayor and City Council in the 2023 general election.  Every precinct in Durham voted in the primary elections. Out of the over 200,000 residents in Durham, 23,684 Durham residents […]

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