Collective Wellness offers classes to support health journey

By Tiayana Ford

October 4, 2017

  On a recent Wednesday, a small group of women took a break from the demands of the outside world to focus on themselves at Collective Wellness in Durham. The free Wednesday workshop, this particular week, focused on reflecting on individual values, beliefs and language to live one’s best life. Each week there is a […]

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NCCU School of Law hosts series to educate community on rights

By Beth Clifford

North Carolina Central University School of Law held a panel on special education student rights titled “Educational Plans in the North Carolina School System.” The panel, held last Wednesday Oct. 20, was one of many that they will be hosting as a part of their Virtual Justice Project, which aims to address the under-representation of […]

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Ribbon cutting for new pre-K classrooms at historic Whitted School

By Justin Laidlaw

September 21, 2017

  Minnie Forte-Brown and Cora Cole-McFadden have a storied history here in Durham. Both are alumni of the former Whitted Junior High School where they now sat, sharing a laugh as they tripped down memory lane alongside an enthusiastic group of city and county officials, school board members, and others during the ribbon cutting and […]

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Durham nonprofit eases financial burden placed on teachers

By Nile Foxx

  When Sarai Chandler walked into her new classroom for the first time, she was greeted with empty desks and bare walls. This is the plight faced by many new teachers in Durham Public Schools, where one often must purchase his or her own school supplies. This burden falls particularly hard on new teachers in […]

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Hillside, New Tech high schools manage large enrollments after Kestrel Heights closure

By Beth Clifford

September 20, 2017

  The state-of-the-art building that houses Hillside High School and Hillside New Tech High School is experiencing a significant enrollment increase this academic year. The building, which was built for 1,500 students, now is opening its doors every morning to almost 1,700. This year, large freshman classes and individual transfer students have pushed the building’s […]

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SEEDlings nurturing the next generation

By Vanessa Luo

How did the meal start? Where did it come from? For many, these are not questions that would cross people’s minds before a meal. But it’s the norm for the children at SEEDlings. In front of them are scrambled eggs and fried rice with eggplant, topped with mint, basil and marigold. The children helped cook […]

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Hillside students attend business academy

By Davis McKinney

Summer break and all of its familiar facets like pools, naps and no homework just weren’t enough for Jasir Haynes and Jalen McKoy. The two Hillside High School students wanted to use their vacation time to try to better themselves and gain valuable skills and knowledge. By attending North Carolina Central University School of Business’s […]

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Durham YouthBuild program prepares students for future careers

By Molly Smith

April 19, 2017

O’Morris Jones and Jeremiah Lewis may only be 17 and 18 years old, but their plans for the future reach far beyond their ages. The two young men entered the Triangle Literacy Council’s new Bull City YouthBuild program in March, which provides participants with a nine-month, intensive learning environment to receive their high school equivalency and […]

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Durham City Council approves education initiative funding

By Bryce Lapping

The Durham City Council unanimously voted 7-0 to fund the education task force of the Mayor’s Poverty Reduction Initiative, now known as the 10.01 Transformation in Ten (T2) Initiative, at its April 17 meeting. The education task force will receive nearly $32,500 to assist in its new initiatives, Advancing Educational Outcome and Opportunities (AEOO) and […]

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PE teacher brings ‘adapted physical education’ to Durham

By Brian Shurney and Jarely Parada

  The Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) named Lara Brickhouse, a Durham teacher, National Adapted PE Teacher of the Year last month for her contribution to the special needs community. According to its website, SHAPE America is an organization founded in 1885 that aims to “advance professional practice and promote research related to […]

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For NCCU alumnus, it’s ‘Each one, teach many’

By Ti-Vianna Webster

  Whether being recognized for her work with Durham’s urban youth or raising awareness and working to eliminate prejudice with the NAACP, Setrina Hunter is truly a strong brick in the foundation of Downtown and NorthEast Central Durham. After majoring in biology at N.C. Central University, she began a career as a clinical researcher working […]

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Drama director Wendell Tabb sets the stage for Hillside students

By Mckenna Lea

April 5, 2017

What is your dream job? Is it to be a world-renowned chef, actor or maybe the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Wendell Tabb has been living his dream for the past 30 years helping others reach their full potential. As Hillside High School’s, Drama Director Tabb has cultivated a thriving theater program, helping the […]

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Creek Week keeps Durham beautiful

By Elise Clouser

  On a warm weekday morning in late March, while most Durham residents are at work or school, a group of about ten volunteers don bright green vests, sturdy gloves and old sneakers for a Creek Week cleanup event. They carry giant trash bags and begin making their way along the winding creek, picking up […]

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Durham community committed to their students’ success

By Thaddeus Berglund

For career and technical education students at the Holton Center, like senior Kaleb Shaw Lunsford, graduating is just one step along the path to a rewarding career – and they don’t have to travel it alone. Made in Durham, in partnering with the community, has made it their mission to ensure all Durham’s youth will […]

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Hillside Chronicle staff writers pen “Letters to Durham”

By Jock Lauterer

April 3, 2017

Editor’s Note:  Following a recent incident near their high school, the Hillside Chronicle staffers of Hillside High School received some negative comments via social media about their school. Anonymous, of course. In response, the staff elected to write “Dear Durham” letters, aided by UNC-CH students from the Durham VOICE mentoring team which has worked with […]

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Looking for opportunity, not a handout

By Carlton Koonce

March 20, 2017

  Opportunities. Not handouts. When you think about it, it’s really not too much to ask. A chance to work and to prove one’s self worth. A chance to get into a good college.  A chance to land a job or start a business that provides for a family. A chance to live a safe, […]

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Warren library still a staple for African-Americans in Durham

By Olivia Browning and Alexis Allston

March 1, 2017

The Durham Colored Library was founded in the basement of a church in 1913 as the first African-American library in Durham. In 1940, the library moved to its current location at 1201 Fayetteville Street and was re-named the Stanford L. Warren library. It has since remained an important hub for the city’s African-American community. Hillside High School junior […]

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West African music event brings song and dance to Durham library

By Elise Clouser

A library’s basement meeting room, with its white walls and harsh fluorescent lighting, seems like an unlikely place to find a celebration of any kind, let alone one of African song and dance. Yet in such a room last Friday morning, traditional West African dancing, singing and drumming brought the place to life. Kwabena Osei […]

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Durham Rescue Missions expands campus, services for homeless

By Avery Rodriguez and Thaddeus Berglund

The Durham Rescue Mission is building three new dorms in an effort to continue providing more warm meals and safe places to sleep for the homeless of Durham. Ernie Mills, 72, the CEO and co-founder of the mission, says he was inspired to help those in need after watching his father combat alcoholism. He believes […]

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Children learn, grow in SEEDS

By Rashaan Ayesh

  The school bus driver drops the kids off at the entrance of the garden. Kareemah Abdusamad rushes out of the building on 706 Gilbert St. to greet all of the children who are running down the dirt pathway. Abdusamad welcomes each child and asks about their day. She notices that 10-year-old Adrian Platt has a hole […]

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