No Limitz to what this dance company can do

Miss Mo running through the holiday routine with her students (Staff photo by Elle Kehres)

When Miss Mo founded No Limitz Dance Company in 2012, she only had four students—but those days are long gone.

The Glamour Girls and Miss Mo gather at the end of practice for a group cheer (Staff photo by Elle Kehres)

Stretching on the floor, just one of her dance groups, affectionately named the “Glamour Girls,” warms up to practice their routine for the Durham holiday parade on December 2.

With Santa Clause is Coming to Town blasting from the speakers, this group of spirited 8 to 12-year-olds bring the small studio to life with their energy.

Marquisia Lee, or Miss Mo, the mastermind and founder of NLDC, decided to create her own dance company after realizing that there was a need for these kinds of small dance groups in the Durham community.

“I’ve always wanted to be a boss,” Lee said. “With owning your own dance company, I can really put my dreams into effect.”

Lee has a strong creative force and a flair for choreography. She said that she enjoys being the head instructor and driving force behind NLDC.

“It gives you more space for your ideas to blossom,” Lee said. “It allows me to serve my community and provide a service for different individuals in the community.”

NLDC offers a variety of classes for diverse age groups. Some of which include her Glamor Girls as well as her Tiny Dazzles class (ages 4-7).

Miss Mo and her Glamour Girls after practice (Staff photo by Elle Kehres)

Tivona Spruill, or Miss T, and her daughter Peyton have been a part of the NLDC family for the past six years.

Spruill is part of a small group of parents that help with fundraising in order to keep the costs for competitions and showcases low.

She said that they really push fundraising so that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Spruill said that Miss Mo encourages friendships among her dancers with various outside activities such as roller skating trips and team sleepovers.

“My daughter truly enjoys attending NLDC and the girls are always happy to see one another,” Spruill said. “Miss Mo genuinely loves teaching and each of the girls.”

Born and raised in Durham, dance has always come naturally for Miss Mo.

“I did karate for seven years and all four of my sisters danced,” Lee said. “I started dancing at Shepard Middle School in 7th grade and it went from there.”

Lee mainly teaches jazz, modern and ballet – although, she does incorporate some gospel and African dancing into NLDC’s annual showcase.

“He sees you when you’re sleeping.” The Glamour Girls practice their holiday parade routine. (Staff photo by Elle Kehres)

While NLDC went on a hiatus for a few years after its’ initial formation, it has since grown drastically in size.

Part of that growth can be attributed to the new studio space that the company now occupies.

Situated close to the intersection of Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard and Academy Road, NLDC is run out of one of the units of a larger multi-complex facility.

For Lee, purchasing this new studio space just over a year ago was a leap of faith towards fulfilling her dream.

“I prayed about it and looked at my savings and said, you know, I’m going to do it,” Lee said. “So I stepped out on faith. Didn’t ask anyone for anything.”

She upgraded the space by putting in hardwood floors and mirrors befitting of a dance studio.

But, even with the new space and increased size of the company, Lee isn’t done. She wants to make NLDC a place of refuge for her dancers.

Lee is currently working on obtaining her psychology degree online from Argosy University.

“Once I get my degree I want to be able to have those one-on-ones where they can come and talk to me and work through personal issues,” Lee said. “I want to be able to sit down and have them be comfortable with me and discuss those personal matters.”

Lee is a strong believer of being able to dance out one’s frustration and negative feelings.

“Put your pain on the floor,” Lee said. “Dance it out. I can have a bad day and the craziest things can happen outside of these doors—but when I come in here, this is my space.”