Panhandling ordinance making life harder for homeless

By Caitlin Owens

February 20, 2013

As Tammy Kobani peeled apart the folded, soggy piece of white paper, she saw that some of the words had become illegible. However, one number remained intact: $213, the fine she must pay. Coincidentally, the piece of paper got wet as she engaged in the same behavior that earned her the ticket. Despite the rain […]

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Bridging the gap: Saturday Academy propels students to success

By Carl Kenney

January 25, 2011

Durham initiative attempts to raise the bar for African-American males in public education by Natasha Duarte UNC Senior Editor The Durham VOICE thedurhamvoice@gmail.com On Saturday morning, many Durham high school students were sleeping in after Friday night’s basketball games. But 54 African-American 11th graders from Hillside and Southern high schools were in the Union Independent […]

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