A Note to the Durham VOICE

By Hannah Adams

Published Dec. 12

I extend my deepest gratitude to Durham VOICE for providing me with unforgettable experiences that have been instrumental in propelling my journalism career to new heights. Prior to my involvement with your esteemed platform, I contributed to Black Ink Magazine, where I enjoyed the freedom to explore diverse topics and express my identity without any form of censorship. The invaluable lessons learned at Black Ink have seamlessly integrated into my writing, enabling me to shed light on crucial aspects of Durham through my articles. My association with Durham VOICE has not only provided me with the opportunity to connect with a myriad of exceptionally talented writers but has also afforded me the privilege of interviewing distinguished figures like mayoral candidate Marshall Williams Jr. Your platform has been a cornerstone in my journalistic journey, and I am truly fortunate for the growth and insights it has offered me.

As I reflect on this transformative journey, my intent is to continue creating articles that go beyond the conventional, offering readers fresh perspectives and insights previously unexplored. With a commitment to contributing valuable perspectives and sparking meaningful discussions, my writing endeavors seek to illuminate lesser-known narratives and overlooked stories. Through this ongoing exploration, I aim to provide readers with a unique and thought-provoking lens, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of issues that may not have received ample attention. This journey is a collaborative effort to contribute positively to the discourse and create a space for voices that often remain unheard.