A Writer’s Reflection on the Durham Voice: Semester of Growth

This semester, I grew as a storyteller by serving as a student writer for The Durham Voice. Some of the stories I wrote covered important issues in Durham such as environmentalism, politics, and affordable housing. As a Raleigh native, I wasn’t too familiar with the Durham political landscape. From what I’ve learned, Durham’s rich, multi-cultural history is vital to its identity. By learning how to conduct interviews, I was able to form deeper connections to my subjects. This allowed me to grow my professional networking skills as well. When I first arrived at UNC as a transfer student, I was intimidated by the new environment I’d have to face. In the journalism world, talking about difficult issues can become daunting. Over this semester; however, the confidence I have in myself has risen significantly. I’ve surprised myself with the stories I’ve created, as they have ignited passion in me to continue to be a storyteller in this world. To my peers, I am constantly inspired by their stories from this semester as well. As I look back on my hard work, I am proud to say that I was a part of a dedicated team of student writers who are showing a new side of Durham.