Antioch “walking the walk” for a cause

Durham VOICE staff writer/photographer Alanna Dvorak was on hand to capture images from the Oct. 9 Walkathon at First United Antioch Baptist Church to benefit the Antioch Transitional Ministry for Returning Citizens,  which provides transitional housing for recently released prison inmates. The church is led Pastor Michael Page who founded the program “Antioch Builds Community,” two years ago.

Marian Starnes, in pink, of West Durham Baptist Church, raises her arms in triumph after completing First United Antioch Baptist Church's Annual Walkathon. Starnes joy comes not only from finishing the walk, but finishing the walk as a seven-year breast cancer survivor.

Sharon Williams, Marion Bailey, Lee Esther Johnson and Mary Brison sell Walkathon t-shirts to raise money for Antioch Builds Community, an organization for former prisoner reentry.

: A crowd of Walkathon participants finish the walk at First United Antioch Baptist Church in Durham.

Walkathon participants enjoy a healthy breakfast of fruit and muffins after completing the walk.

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