Architectural Achievers learn from Phil Freelon

by Zenzele Barnes
Teen Editor
the Durham VOICE

At SeeSaw Studio, the youth designers are learning about architecture.

Renowned Durham architect Phil Freelon hosted the Architectural Achievers youth from SeeSaw Studio. (Photo courtesy of SeeSaw Studio)

In the upcoming weeks the designers at SeeSaw will continue to learn more about architecture’s history. They will also build their own models, a task that architects often have to do. Also, the designers are going to sketch out plans for a house belonging to Builders of Hope, an organization that refurbishes houses for people in need.

All of their training in architecture is leading up to their spring trip to Washington, DC. There, they will get an inside look at the new African-American History and Culture Smithsonian Museum, which is not scheduled to officially open until 2015.

It is an amazing and historic opportunity. Part of the architecture team that designed the museum is the Freelon Group, which is based here in Durham.

Founder Phil Freelon visited the designers and talked to them about the work he’s done. He also explained his job and the process he goes through when creating, from idea to product. As far as local projects go, the Freelon Group designed the new downtown bus station.

In addition to Phil Freelon, other people in architecture field will be coaching the designers in their ventures. The new Smithsonian will certainly be a great piece of architecture and the designers are excited to visit and experience it with their newfound knowledge.

The African American History and Culture Museum: