Carolina Nutrition scores high on Kobi’s Yum-o-Meter

by Kobi Reynolds
VOICE Health Food Critic


Hello, my name is Kobi Reynolds. I am a rising 7th grade student at Roger’s Herr Middle School. I enjoy swimming and soccer.

When I grow up I want to be an actress and a food critic, but not just any food critic… a health food critic.

Health Food Critic Kobi Reynolds takes notes as Natalee Norris of Carolina Nutrition laughs about loving her own smoothie creations. (Staff photo by Jock Lauterer)

My family and I started coming up with ways for us to get healthy and stay that way. I started to look for ways to make my favorite foods healthier and then I started to wonder if I could help other kids and adults healthy too.

So I made that a goal. I thought it would be great if I interviewed restaurant owners with same goal in mind. And so began my mission to change the way adults and children see eating through a kaleidoscope of foods! (Another one of my goals is for someone famous to read my articles and make me famous.)


Here is the story about how I chose Carolina Nutrition, a Herbalife store as the first to spotlight: One day I was riding my bike with my family, and my mom saw a sign that read “free smoothie samples at Carolina Nutrition.”

I am not a smoothie person but my mom wanted to go inside and try one. I looked at the menu and saw “German Chocolate,” it was a must-try. Way before the interview it was only right to do a taste-test.

When we walked in the store in Sutton Station on Fayetteville Rd., the owner, Natalee Norris, introduced herself and encouraged us try a “mango aloe shot,” a smoothie sample of our choice, and lemon tea.

There are 45 great tasting smoothie flavors to choose from! My favorite is peppermint cookie, which is a tasty blend of crushed peppermint candy with cookies & cream shake mix. There are seven Herbalife base mix flavors to choose from. They are chocolate, vanilla, pina colada, cookies & cream, wild berry, café latte, and tropical fruit.

Carolina Nutrition owner Natalee Norris mixes up a smoothie, explaining the recipe as she goes. (Staff photo by Jock Lauterer)


My favorites are cookies & and; cream, chocolate, and vanilla. When you buy one of these drink mixes you will also get a recipe sheet so you can make your choice of delicious smoothies such as banana cream pie which is made of

– Herbalife French Vanilla formula
– Sugar-free banana cream pudding mix
– 4 banana slices
– And 4 Graham crackers

The best thing about the drink mixes is that they are tasty, filling and healthy for adults and kids too.

We liked the foods so much that we started going to Carolina Nutrition more and more often.

If you want to try a smoothie from Carolina Nutrition, it is located at 5832 Fayetteville Rd., Suite 111 Sutton Station.
The hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 12-3 p.m.; Saturday from 5-7 p.m., Sunday from 12-3 pm. and Wednesday 12-7 p.m.

Ask for Natalie Norris — and tell her that Kobi sent you.

Yum-o-meter: (the sampled dish is rated according to four things: Taste, Appearance, How it feels in mouth, and Smell. Each dish can earn 8 possible yum’s).
Banana cream Pie’s rating: !!!! 6yums!!!
1. Taste =**
2. Appearance=*
3. How it feels in mouth=*
4. Smell=**
Total rating = ****** 6 yums

Contact owner and personal wellness coach Natalee Norris or at Carolina Nutrition, 5832 Fayetteville Road, Suite 111, Durham, N.C., 27713 (919) 806-3530

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