Catch “Malloy Motivation” and move forward

In memorium: Ciara Malloy.

By M. Wilson, reporting for Praycious Wilson-Gay
Teen Editor-in-Chief
the Durham VOICE


Editor’s Note: 17-year-old Ciara Malloy died in a single-car accident early Saturday morning, Sept. 15, in Durham. She was a senior at Josephine Dobbs Early College High School.


Ciara Malloy was a huge Alabama University fan.  She loved the University so much she named her dog Crimson Tide. Her answer for everything was the school chant—“Roll Tide Roll.”

To her family and friends, that meant she expected you to get it done.  She expected you to succeed.

In the wake of this tragedy, her family and friends agree that she would never want people to sit around crying over her.  She would want them to get motivated.

“That’s what we are doing, we are taking this pain and turning it into positive motivation,” reports Praycious Wilson-Gay.  “We are trying to become the best people we can be.”

When posing the question, “Was she perfect?” to friends, the choral response was, “No, she was a teenager!”

She was, however, accomplished and on the way to fulfilling her dreams because of her attitude.

That’s why the community is focusing on her greatest gift—her motivating attitude. “We knew we could rely on Ciara because she was a doer,” says Jalen Peterkin.  Her family and friends want to inspire anyone who is at a crossroad in their life to catch a little “Malloy Motivation” and move forward.

The Durham community and its extended family, from Washington, D.C., to Kentucky wore purple on Monday Sept. 17, in support of the idea that small, calculated steps will yield big results.

Three thousand people posted pictures of themselves on instagram and twitter.  “She doesn’t want me to fail,”  posted P. Johnny B. on his #malloymotivation picture.

Some posted memories, others sentiments. “I vow to carry on her legacy,” wrote her friend, Habekkuk.

Whether one knew Ciara or not, everyone expressed that she had somehow now touched their lives.  Therefore, on Mondays—every Monday, set your goal for the week and Roll Tide Roll, GET IT DONE.


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  1. As one of Ciara’s teachers, I can vouch for the fact that she was always moving forward. I plan to not only motivate my students to do the same, but to do it myself. Ciara was and is and inspiration and I’m privileged to have known her.

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