Check out Channel 18: Durham Community Media

By Paul Newman
Youth Noise Network Staff Writer
the Durham VOICE

If you’ve channel surfed during a 106 –n- Park commercial break any time over the past 10 months, chances are you’ve clicked one channel over and seen familiar faces from the local Durham community. Cable Channel 18 is the new home for Durham Community Media (DCM), Durham’s own local public access channel.

The logo of Durham Community Logo, Channel 18

DCM, along with its parent organization The People’s Channel in Chapel Hill, works to “provide the means and promote the opportunity for area citizens to exercise free speech through media production, education and distribution of cable television programming.”

What does that mean for local teens whose media influence comes from Bet, MTV, youtube, and faebook? Well, thanks to DCM any one who has ever wondered about how movies, video and other media is made, have the opportunity to make it.  And since our shows are broadcast locally I am now on T.V. Now, a lot of people at my school have seen it and I’m like a little celebrity.

The best part about producing your own show is that everyone has the choice of being in front or behind the camera. This is a very good thing for people like me who are a little camera shy. The station is always looking for new shows, and once you are properly trained  you can borrow top notch video equipment and make whatever shows you’d like.

DCM is seeking funding to keep their doors open and they are currently seeking to renew their contract  with the city of Durham so they can keep providing this necessary opportunity to us all. To learn more how you can help or how you can create your own show please contact,

Paul Newman Youth Noise Network Staff Writer.