Crime is down in the “Bull’s Eye,” council is told

By Aaron Saunders

NCCU Staff Writer

the Durham VOICE

On Thursday, Oct. 8, the NECD Leadership Council discussed future plans and a possible alliance to produce new jobs for residents.

Durham Police Department District 1 Captain Winslow Forbes introduced the new “We AS 1” project. This project helps identify people who have been causing problems.

“We As 1 is here to make the residents of NECD more comfortable by having increased law enforcement and faith watches,” said Forbes.

Forbes explained that this project will complement, not replace the Partners Against Crime (PAC) program. PAC is also in place to help the community through police and resident collaborations.

Forbes also updated crime data in the “Bull’s Eye.”

“Only two robberies [have occurred] inside the ‘Bull’s Eye’ the past month,” said Forbes.  “We have noticed that crime is moving away from the city.”

Jim Ladd, Chief Executive Officer of the Matrix Technology Alliance, Inc., introduced himself to the council. He wants to bring his services back to his hometown of Durham.

“I want to create super green and ultra houses and provide jobs for the people of Durham,” said Ladd.

Ladd added that he has the ability to make nonpollutant sanitizer, create pavement without sand and concrete, and that he is willing to work with the people of Durham.

“This is will provide much needed jobs,” said Ladd.  “The training will be a month and we will work with ex-offenders and high school dropouts as well.”

Wanda Boone, co-chair of the East Durham Children’s Initiative introduced another initiative: The Pinnacle Community Development Corporation, which is supposed to help kids who are suspended for four to 10 days.

“Kids that are suspended for 11 or more days are able to go to alternative schools, but the kids that are suspended for four to 10 days have nowhere to go,” said Boone. “I want to have a place for them to learn and have incentives if they stay in school and stay out of trouble.”

The council noted that Boone, who was originally scheduled to elaborate on another program, Durham Together Resilient Youth (TRY), will address that at the next meeting.

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