Durham VOICE Voices: Courtney Staton and Sam Perry (Episode 6)


This is a podcast series being produced and reported for the Durham VOICE. With this project, we’re reconnecting with people who were once involved with the VOICE and its community, allowing them to share their journeys and experiences since working with the newspaper.

To wrap up this season of DVV, this week we’re doing something a little different. Our guests are the co-editors of VOICE: UNC students Courtney Stayton and Sam Perry.

Courtney is a senior graduating with a degree in photo and video journalism. From Greenville North Carolina, she graduated from South Central High School and is an active documentary maker and producer. Following graduation, Courtney will be an outreach coordinator for Public Impact in Chapel Hill while also working with Next Doc to help groom young filmmakers.

Sam is a junior reporting major from Piscataquis County Maine. She went to Foxcroft Academy for high school and Durham Tech for her first years of college before transferring to UNC this past year. Sam also copy edits for the Daily Tar Heel in addition to her work with the VOICE.


Music written and recorded by Forrest McConnell.

The UNC-CH Community Journalism class erupts in laughter while watching their instructor feebly attempt to make a class selfie: front row, left to right: Hannah Towey, Diane Adame, Adrianne Cleven, Spencer Carney, Courtney Staton and Natasha Townsend; back row, left to right: Keeley Gay John Bauman, Jack Frederick, Elizabeth Beauchamp, Brighton McConnell, Sabrina Berndt, John Sobczak, Sam Perry, Will Shropshire and Celia McCrea. Inadvertently cropped out of the photo (with abject apologies from the alleged photographer) is Hannah McClellan.