Energy Retrofit saves money for NECD residents

By Celina Smith
Teen Staff Writer
the Durham VOICE

The East Durham neighborhood has been selected by the Durham Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program to help make their neighborhood become more energy efficient.

At a recent meeting to discuss the Energy Retrofit program, organizers Aggie Crews, left, and the Rev. Melvin Whitley review the money-saving program with NECD residents. (Staff photo by Celina Smith)

Volunteers who live in East Durham recently came together April 14 at the home of the Rev. Melvin Whitley on Harvard Ave.  to talk about energy retrofits in northeast central Durham houses.

Aggie Crews, a landlord in the neighborhood, said she read about the program in the city manager’s report and decided that it would be a good idea to bring the idea to the neighborhood.

She talked to the Rev. Whitley, a long-time neighborhood leader, and they gathered neighborhood volunteers and began the process of learning how to make their neighborhood energy efficient.

Crews stated, “I think it’s good for any neighborhood, but for Northeast it’s a good value for small families and it also brings the community together.”

Rev. Whitley added, “Retrofits will help homeowners save energy in their homes, and help save money to help families get other things they need.

The Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program is sponsored by the City of Durham with stimulus funding from the Department of Energy. Clean Energy Durham is the community coordinator for the energy program.

For more information on participating in the program, email Rev. Whitley at or call him at 596-9691, or email Aggie Crews at .