Evita Loca opens first store in March

Evita Mensah leaning on her skull-designed jacket. (Staff photo by Baleigh Johnson)


Evita Mensah is a self-taught fashion designer with a growing clothing line called Evita Loca. She recently got store space at 115 Market Street in Durham, so her local customers can have an in-person shopping experience. Her online store will still be in use to reach beyond the Bull City.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, but raised in Charlotte, the 25-year-old ended up in Durham. She feels there is more freedom and potential in Durham creative wise. She likes that Durham is in a working progress stage. It is rebuilding and creating a new scene, which gives a fresh new image and perspective, which is just like the Evita Loca clothing line.

Evita Mensah looking through her designs. (Staff photo by Baleigh Johnson)

The Evita Loca clothing line is bold, colorful, and fun. “I like to keep it very bold. If it’s not with the color, then it’s going to be texture. If it’s not the texture, it’s going to be pattern,” she explained.

Her clothing line includes bright and colorful long and short fur jackets, sequined bell-bottom pants, and plenty more. “A lot of the ideas that I pump out come from having a lack of material; whatever I am given or what I can afford at the time. Whatever I have, I use it,” said Mensah.

Looking through her clothing in her new workspace from a far and up-close, they do not look like creations made from whatever is available. They look as if she has a warehouse full of options of fabric. She also freestyles her designs based on what materials she has instead of sketching out an idea and making it.

Mensah’s designs have been getting a lot of attention from local artists like musicians and models. ZenSoFly is a musician who wears Evita Loca often. “Her clothes are vibrant, colorful and captivating,” said the rapper and DJ.

“My music is playful and jam packed with energy, so I make it a point to wear Evita Loca for my performances,” said Zen. “Her designs are so lively and fun just like me!” One of her favorite items created by Mensah is the unicorn flower head piece.

Mensah likes that she has musician clients because, “Once they get up on stage, that’s like advertisement for me.” After performing, artists usually take photographs and give credit for their wardrobe. ZenSoFly is one of the clients who tag Evita Loca on Instagram.

Her new workspace and store is set to be available in March. “The first day of March is the day that I will begin releasing some of the newest pieces of my newest collection called ‘Cabana Loca,’ which is a spin on summer time wear, warm weather wear, and resort wear,” said Mensah.

Mensah likes the idea of having a store. “I figured if I separated my design work from my home, I think I would be able to be a little bit more productive and seek more inspiration somewhere new.”

Evita Mensah will certainly gain more customers going loca for Evita Loca when locals can see up-close the details and creativeness of her designs. On her Etsy online store, a variety of items are always available for purchase.


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