Full Frame Film Festival offers free showings

By Rosalia Preiss
Teen Arts Co-Editor
the Durham VOICE

Rosalia Preiss

Are you a kid who doesn’t have spring break plans?  If so, you should consider attending Full Frame Documentary Film Festival’s free movie showings on April 8, 9, and 10!

The first film, “Racing Dreams,” will be shown on April 8 at 10 a.m. in Fletcher Hall in the Carolina Theater, as well as April 9 at 8 p.m. in Durham Central Park.

This film is about three pre-teens who dream of becoming NASCAR drivers.  They all are avid go-kart racers, and come from many different backgrounds.

The second film, “Pelada,” will be shown April 10 at 8 pm in Durham Central Park.  “Pelada” is the Brazilian word for a pick-up soccer game, and the film was made by two former college soccer stars.  The movie explores games of soccer all around the world, from young Ghanese boys playing with hand-sewn balls to a match in a Bolivian prison courtyard.

Soccer is an extremely popular sport in Durham and around the world, and this movie would be perfect for a fan of the sport or anyone who wants to know just how far some people would go to continue playing the game they love.

These films would be great for both adults and children, and they are completely free of charge.  If school groups would like tickets to the April 8 showing of “Racing Dreams,” please contact jennifer.longee@fullframefest.org to RSVP.

We hope to see you there!