Halloween party lets teens cut loose

By Sheneka Quinitchette
NCCU Staff Writer
the Durham VOICE

About 30 eager Durham teenagers attended a costume party to let loose for Halloween.  Durham Parks and Recreation held the party on Friday, Oct. 29 at the W.D. Hill Recreation Center.

Caption: Teens gather to dance at the W.D. Hill Center’s Halloween Party. (Staff photo by Sheneka Quinitchette)

The costume party, for 13- to 18-year-olds gave teenagers the opportunity to socialize, enjoy refreshments, dance and listen to music.

“I love it because it gives the teens a chance to have fun in a safe environment,” said Dianne Thorne, Administrative Assistant at the Holton Career and Resource Center.

The teens lined up for chips, soda, sandwiches and a special bartender-made non-alcoholic slushy of their choice.

The DJ played hip hop and R & B while teens danced and observed the crowd. The room was decorated with orange lights and disco lights.

“Whatever their needs are, I try to meet them to keep the teens off the streets,” said Roger Hill, Recreation Specialist at the W.D. Hill Center.

This party is one of several organized annually by Durham Parks and Recreation to keep teens off the streets. They also hold back-to-school parties and other holiday-themed parties.

“They just look so happy to be here,” said Charisse Lovett, recreation specialist at the W.D. Hill Center. “I enjoy all of the fun that comes with hosting these parties.”

Only a few teens actually wore costumes, but they all seemed to have a good time.

According to crunchgear.com teens spend 31 hours per week online. Teenagers spend hours on the computer, texting, watching TV, playing video games and socializing on facebook. The face to face communication among teens is disappearing and social events can help improve the social life of teens.

Durham Parks and Recreation also provides classes like dancing, chorus and modeling.