Heels4Life, Leading the Way in Community Service.

UNC football is looking to better the community.

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024

By Jahvaree Ritzie

In collegiate athletics, the landscape has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. This shift has opened doors for players to capitalize on their brands and has paved the way for initiatives benefiting communities. One such initiative is Heels4Life, the NIL collective representing UNC Football, which has taken a unique approach to leveraging NIL opportunities for the greater good.

“Our mission is to raise funds and opportunities for the student-athletes on the UNC Football team,” says Executive Director of Heels4Life, Graham Boone.
Having taken the reins in August of 2022, Boone emphasizes the collaborative effort involved in steering Heels4Life towards its goals, involving key figures such as Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham and Head Football Coach Mack Brown.

A distinguishing feature of Heels4Life’s approach is its commitment to community service.
“If our players had to perform services to earn money, we preferred those services to better the community we live in,.” says Boone.

In line with Boone’s statement, And Heels4Life has remained true to this promise, has remained true to Booneforged forging partnerships with local and regional non-profits in an effort to, channeling the efforts of to ensure that the hard work of each UNC Football players toward goes toward a meaningful causes.

The organization It also collaborates with organizations like Me Fine Foundation, TABLE NC, and PORCH Communities in an effort to address critical needs such as childhood medical crises and food insecurity.

TABLE NC, is a well-known nonprofit organization that gives back to its community. They help bring in food and profits so that they can deliver food to children and families in need in the Durham and Chapel Hill areas. The organization“We envisions “a community where all children have equitable access to nutritious food and knowledge to experience optimal health, well-being, and dignity,.” according to its official website.

TABLE’s involvement with Heels4Life originates from the sponsored and partnered with Heels4Life because of the image and likeness they bring in from the support of athletes and the people involved in the area.

Drake Maye, a talented member of the UNC Football Team who recently declared for the NFL Draft, is a huge supporter of TABLE and its efforts.
“By promoting TABLE and talking about them and volunteering at their place in Chapel Hill, it opened my eyes to truly understand why we need to support our community and how my NIL and image on social media can help bring light to them,” says Maye.

Maye, who recently declared for the draft, was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, awarded to the best player in college football, and has also supported his community. HeMaye, who also hosted camps and donated money to TABLE and other local organizations in the area, has used his NIL to support local kids and families in need. His contributions have provided numerous opportunities, especially for Heels4Life and TABLE NC.

While Maye’s dedication to the community is undoubtedly special, it is by no means unfamiliar. Unique to the UNC community is its commitment to serving those in need.But returning to where it started, Boone is quick to highlight the spirit of service ingrained within the UNC community. “Chapel Hill and Durham are two of the most involved cities when it comes to a national reputation of service and community support,” says Boone.

Indeed, the culture of service at UNC serves as a magnet for individuals seeking to make a tangible difference. This reputation attracts talented athletes and fosters a culture of giving back, ensuring a ripple effect of positive impact for generations to come.

In the realm of college athletics, Heels4Life stands out as a beacon of community engagement and service. Through their innovative approach to NIL opportunities, they not only empower student-athletes but also uplift the communities they serve. As they continue to pave the way for a new era of collegiate sports, Heels4Life exemplifies the transformative potential of harnessing athletic platforms for the greater good.