Hillside’s Jason Jowers attends State of the Union

By Shontavia Finks
Staff Writer/Hillside High School Chronicle

Hillside Assistant Principal Jason Jowers was invited as a guest by a congressman to the State of the Union with President Barack Obama.

Hillside's Jason Jowers. (Photo courtesy of the Hillside Chronicle)

Jowers said that when N.C. Congressman G.K. Butterfield chose him to go that he “was ecstatic, happy, initially in disbelief that they would choose me out of everybody in Durham.”

“When I got the call I was very shocked they chose me, but it was a happy shock,” said Jowers. “At first I thought somebody was playing, but they called back and were like ‘no, I’m serious we want you to come.’”

Jowers added that he enjoyed meeting the President, the Vice President, and Michelle Obama and all the other congressmen.

“It was nice to see what they did in their everyday lives even though I already knew a little bit since I used to teach civics,” he said. “I learned that a lot of the angry politics that happens on television is not just for show because it actually happens; it’s a reality.”

Jowers said that attending the speech was a great experience.

“I wish I was still teaching right now for my students because this would be something good to count as a lesson plan and a good experience to bring out,” he said. “The speech itself lasted 50 minutes, but there were many people standing up and sitting back down after it was over.”

After it was over, Jowers had the opportunity to talk to the President, and said this is what the President said:

“We need more male teachers in the classroom.”