Hillside’s William Logan named DPS Principal of the Year


Supportive Hillside Student Government members surround William Logan, center, after the surprise announcement of his Principal of the Year award. The leaders include, left to right, Kappa League Representative Gimere Tooles, SGA Representative Luther Holman III, Senior Class President Kayla Daniels, SGA Treasurer Ashauna Giles and Senior Class Vice President Erica Gorham. (Photo by Jasmine Webster, courtesy of the Hillside Chronicle)

By Kristen Mayo, Jazmine Dixon and Breana Kea
Hillside Chronicle Staff  Writers,  Hillside High School


Hillside Principal William Logan has been awarded the Principal of the Year award for Durham Public Schools.

“I felt stunned, appreciated and grateful,” Logan said, after almost shedding tears of joy.

Logan was completely surprised about receiving the award.

“I hadn’t been nominated,” he said when asked if he knew about the award.

According to Logan, one of his students came up to him and told him that he was doing a wonderful job as a principal and that he was greatly appreciated, which set off the beginning of the celebration.

This is an honor for Logan, who has been nominated for the award before.

“When you don’t focus on it, you’re more appreciative of it,” he said. “It’s a great feeling; I’m very appreciative that I can serve in this capacity to represent Hillside.”

Hillside Receptionist Amber Martinez said, “It’s an honor to work for someone who is Principal of the Year.”

Hillside Assistant Principal Tonya Wright was elated about the principal’s win.

“It is extraordinary and well-deserved,” she said.