History, facts and figures for the NECD voter

Highlights in the History of Durham Public Schools

In 1952, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke at Hillside High School, which was one of the Southeast’s highest ranking black high schools.

1958 Rencher N. Harris became the first black member of the Durham School board

1970 Durham County elementary schools were fully integrated

1972 attempted merger of the Durham City School System and the Durham County School System

1992 the Durham County School System and the Durham City School System merged to form Durham Public Schools

Superintendents past and present

January 2010-June 2010 Hank Hurd (Interim Superintendent)

2006-2009 Dr. Carl E. Harris

1997-2006 Dr. Ann T. Denlinger

1994-1997 Theodore R. Drain

1992-1993 C. Owen Phillips

1992 Kenneth Brunson

District 1 seats

2002-2006 Jackie WagStaff

2006-2010 Omega Curtis Parker

Fast Facts

46 public schools in the system

28 elementary (k-5)

8 middle (6-8)

2 secondary (6-12)

1 hospital school (8th largest school system in North Carolina)