Kaleidoscope: Baba Ghannouj Bistro

By Kobi Reynolds
Teen Health Food Critic
the Durham VOICE

Hello again readers. It’s Kobi again here to tell you about another healthy yummy restaurant.

Durham VOICE Teen Health Food Critic Kobi Reynolds hard at work. (Staff photo by Kobi's mom)

This article reveals how Babba Ghannouj restaurant is taking my health food career to the next level!!!  It was one of the coolest experiences I ever had because I got to cook in the kitchen, make a great meal, and I talk to a wonderful chef.  I hope you have some of the same experiences that I did when you go to Babba Ghannouj.

The food at Babba Ghannouj, pronounced (Ganoosh) is very healthy and delicious too.  The food is healthy because a lot of it is not fried, they have nice variety of salads to choose from, and most of their ingredients are made fresh every day.

The owner, Eddie Bannout, said that there are two entrée’s that he himself created.   One is called the “Basha Kabob,” and the other dish is called the “Gyro Platter.” (Pounced yee-row.)

The Basha Kabob is made using chicken, ground beef, and rice.  It comes with a side of your choice and a salad.  Eddie Bannout said that Basha Kabob means “the boss” in Arabic which certainly is reflected in the side of the dish.

The food at Babba Ghannouj comes from many places in around the Middle East such as Lebanon, Israel, Syria, and Greece.

After a great lunch or dinner you should try the “Lady in Red.” it is very delicious desert. The filling is made with honey and nuts. The crust is flaky, buttery, and crunchy. Pure heaven! “MMMMM!”

If this is making you hungry right now, I know…because it’s making me hungry too!

For a great meal you can visit the Babba Ghannouj restaurant that I went to which is located at 2200 W. Main Street in Durham NC 27705. Their phone number is 919-286-6699.

Owner Eddie Bannout instructs our food critic on the finer points of cooking at Baba Gannouj Bistro. (Staff photo by Jock Lauterer)

You can also visit the other Babba Ghannouj restaurants in North Carolina. There is one is in Cary, one in North Raleigh, two in Durham, and one in Wilmington.  Another one is opening soon in Greenville.  The oldest Babba Ghannouj of all is the one in Cary.  I wonder what it’s like.

Also, heads-up: Eddie Bannout has big plans for the Durham restaurant; He will soon be serving coffee and breakfast, Yum, I think egg, bacon, and cheese would taste great in pita bread. I can’t wait!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, during the month of October Babba Ghannouj is having a “create your own wrap contest.”  The owner Eddie Bannout will give you more information if you stop by the Durham location or email him at ejnty@hotmail.com.  During the contest people get to choose the ingredients to put in a wrap and even name the wrap.  If you’re one of the lucky winners the restaurant will serve YOUR wrap!  Babba Ghannouj also caters so, you’re having a party or a wedding or something like that call catering number at (919) 413-8822 or go to their website at www.babaghannoujnc.com.

Now,here is the best part of my article. The part that everyone has been waiting for:  Kobi’s

Yum-o meter

The dish Baba Ghannouj that I am going to rate today is the

Chicken Shawirma Wrap. It is a pita wrap made with tender chicken marinated in special shawirma spices, sautéed and topped with pickles, diced fries, garlic dressing, and parsley. Everything is wrapped in a fresh warm pita.  The sauce and the pickles give it a very unique taste.  It is good for you because the chicken is sautéed not fried and the shawirma sauce is made of fresh healthy ingredients.

Yum-o-meter: (the sampled dish is rated according to four things: taste, appearance, how it feels in mouth, and smell. Each dish can earn 8 possible yum’s).
Chicken Shawirma Wrap: overall rating= 8 yums!!!
Taste = yum yum
Appearance= yum yum
How it feels in mouth = yum yum
Smell = yum yum