Kaleidoscope: This sushi is dynamite!

By Kobi Reynolds
Teen Health Food Critic
the Durham VOICE

Hi again, readers, this is Kobi Reynolds, your health food critic with a great dining experience to report.

Have you ever tasted Sushi?  Well, I have, and I love it!  The restaurant I went to is called Shiki Sushi, owned by Tham Nguyen, located at 207 Highway 54 West near Southpoint Mall.

Kobi is joined by Shiki Sushi owner Tham Nguyen (Staff photo by Shelli Porter)

I’ve been going there with my mom since 2008.  The Shiki Sushi restaurant is a very busy place because of its great service, nice selection of entrées and wonderful atmosphere.  I order the yummy soups, seaweed salad, Pad Thai, and Edemame, but Sushi is my favorite.

Welcoming us is a man worthy of the title “Master Chef.” Meet Chef Andy Wang, one of the many chefs at Shiki Sushi who make the delicious entrées smell and taste so good.

Chef Andy said, “There are about 500 customers that come to the restaurant every day!”  He has been working at Shiki Sushi for 10 years!!!  Chef Andy started out as a dishwasher and worked his way up to the top, now he is a wonderful Master Sushi Chef.

During our interview Chef Andy made two sushi rolls. He used the same ingredients for both, but the first one he made was an inside roll and the second one he made was an outside roll. The outside roll is made with the rice put on the outside, and an inside roll is made with the rice put on the inside.

The sushi at Shiki Sushi is fresh and very healthy. Did you know that sushi is low in fat and has loads of protein?  I know it sounds strange, but even though some of the sushi are rolled with seaweed, it tastes great!

The special seaweed that sushi chefs use is called Nori. Seaweed is extremely good for you because it is low in calories, sodium and carbohydrates. In case you didn’t know seaweed is brain food because has lots of vitamins, it also has loads of minerals like calcium and iron.

Kobi chows down on some "dynamite." Yum! (Staff photo by Shelli Porter)

My favorite sushi roll is called the Dynamite Roll. Why? Because it’s too good for words. But I’ll still describe it: it’s crunchy, sweet and salty all at the same time.   The seaweed is fried and topped with a drizzle of sweet sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.   Some of the ingredients in a Dynamite Roll can include avocado, bay scallops, crab meat and nori, of course.

So the next you want to eat something scrumptious go to Shiki Sushi and tell me what you think.

Bye for now. This is Kobi Reynolds, your healthy food critic signing off.

Common facts about  sushi:

The California Roll-

Did you know that the California rolls has 9 grams of protein and   only 7 grams of fat.

The Avocado Roll-

Did you know that there are only140 calories per avocado roll and 2.1 grams of protein also and that there is no fish or sea food in either of those sushi rolls?  Both are made with only nori, rice, and avocado and that’s it!

Shiki Sushi is Located at 207 W NC Highway 54 Durham 27713

near the South Point Mall in Durham.

The phone number is (919)-484-4108

The hours of operation are

Mon-Thurs, and Sun., 11a.m. to 10 p.m.

Fri-Sat., 11a.m. to 11 p.m.


(Each dish can earn 8 possible “yums”)

Name of the sushi I tasted rated;   The Dynamite Roll (mildly spicy)

Taste **

Appearance *

Smell **

How it feels in the mouth **

Total amount of yums the Dynamite Roll earned= 7

Oh, when you visit the restaurant, please tell Mr. Wang that Kobi sent you ! Bye for now.

( P.S: Is all sushi made really raw?

No, most sushi is cooked fish, crab and other sea animals!)

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