Live from the DNC: Let the games begin!

by Jessica Coates
Speacial Correspondent
the Durham VOICE

I cannot stop pinching myself, checking to make sure that I’m not dreaming.

Our woman at the DNC: South Meckenburg senior Jessica Coates gets fueled up for the big party. (Photo courtesy of Jessica Coates)

I will never fully comprehend how a regular high kid like myself could be lucky enough to end up in the heart of the DNC commotion; but here I am, in the basement of the Charlotte Convention Center, with credentials hanging around my neck and fellow reporters smiling at me in recognition of my status.

When I’m not living this magical double life, I’m a senior at South Meck High School in Charlotte, NC. And since my school has no student paper, I was forced to look elsewhere to fulfill my journalism cravings. It was then that fate stepped in, when I realized that I had two family friends from church who were reporters at the Charlotte Observer, and I was soon covering protests and writing bylines in my very own desk downtown.

I’m back at the paper this week, a month after my original internship, because I’d be darned if I’ll miss the biggest thing to hit Charlotte since Hurricane Hugo.

I’ll be spending the duration of my week attending different events around the city, from festivals to press conferences to President Obama’s acceptance speech–and I will make sure to document every bit of imagery that I can muster so that you too can experience the tumultuous excitement of the event!

You can also follow me on twitter, @jessicalcoates, to get my up-to-date feeds and pictures live from the events, should the imagery not be enough for you.

Let the games begin!

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