Local 20-year-old blows the audience away in Beyú Caffé

Kayla Thompson delights the crowd on Jan. 26 at Beyú Caffé. Staff photo by Rowland Givens. (Staff photo by Rowland Givens)

Many children aspire to be music stars; unfortunately, not everyone gets that chance to become one. Anyone can pick up a microphone or a guitar, but are they the gem that stands out amongst the rest?

Local artist, 20-year-old Kayla Thompson, small in stature, inherited a big voice and is hoping to be that one in a million that does make it. She plays the guitar and puts her own spin on popular songs that she sings.

She made her debut as an artist at the Beyú Caffé on Main Street on Jan. 26, in front of family, friends and the dining public. Clearly, she has a gift; her voice is pure and sounds clear as a bell.

About 60 people crowded in to Beyú Caffé to catch her performance.

Like many artists, she got her start singing in church starting as an 11-year-old at World Overcomers Christian Church, now located on South Miami Blvd in RTP. Although she was born in Massachusetts, she grew up in Chapel Hill.

After participating in a high school talent show, she knew she wanted to start taking her music a little bit more seriously. She is even taking a break from college to work on her music.

“It was times when I did not feel like playing but my mom pretty much forced me and encouraged me to keep playing,” she said.

At Beyú, friends and family gathered around and chanted, her “Kayla! Kayla!” She responded with a smile as her face gleamed in the bright lights.

Thompson took a moment after a couple songs to thank everyone for attending, and called out some cherished friends mentioned her parents. She even invited a close friend on stage to do a couple of duets.

”I remember hearing her one day singing when she was younger and we have been friends ever since,” said Ramon Roberts.

Anyone who wants to check out this talented young woman can visit her YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheKaylaThompson. You can catch her singing Frank Ocean, R5, Sam Smith and even a performance of her recently at the Beyú Caffé.

Thompson is grateful that she has her family close and something to share not only to them but to the audience as well. She plans to keep going forward with her music and hopes to be something special one day, but right now, she is just having fun and enjoying the ride.