NCCU student reporters express their opinions: ‘Americans should be thinking of ways to co-exist’

Professor Lisa Paulin's reporting class poses for a group portrait. Prof Paulin, lower right, is joined by Carlton Koonce, top back, the Workforce Coordinator for Partners for Youth Opportunity. (Staff photo by D.P dePyssler)


Editor’s Note: It’s early in the new fall semester, but already young student reporters at NCCU have opinions on the events at Charlottesville and Durham. These comments come from Professor Lisa Paulin’s journalism class, which also contributes content to the Durham VOICE.


  • Depending on how you look at it, both sides can be blamed for the violence. Americans should be thinking of ways to coexist instead of tearing each other down. This is about nationwide cooperation of people. Americans should look to express their views in non-combative manners – maybe look to the impact of “sit-in” or “boycott” major corporations & institutions. – Autavius Smith


  • Donald Trump is a proud white supremacist & is singlehandedly spearheading the further destruction of this country.  –Collin Ellis


  • I’m not really surprised about the issue that is going on. Trump is providing a platform for hatred and bigotry, so it was only a matter of time for people to take advantage of that and show their true colors. – Julian Keeler


  • What is occurring in America today is a tragedy. I hope that one day the entire nation can move past the issues of racism and discrimination. Until then… Black Lives Matter. –Keynari Brown


  • They only represent a small percentage of white people. It’s fear that the media wants to instill.  –Taquaisha Patrick


  • It’s a shame that this kind of hatred reveals itself so blatantly in 2017. However, America has a history of destroying and building. This could be the beginning of something positive.  –Carl W. Smith
  • I’m not surprised that hate groups are rallying. I believe with the election of the president, it made hate groups more comfortable with showcasing hate. – Daija Graves


  • It’s crazy, but then again, I’m not surprised honestly. History repeats itself. I’m to a point where I don’t have a news app on my phone anymore because every day it’s something different dealing with race being divided in America. – Tiayana Ford


  • I just don’t understand. If you cut me, a nazi, or a racist president – we all bleed the same. I just can’t get racism at all. –Corben Williams


  • The activity in Charlottesville has brought to light some important topics of discussion about where we are as a country with regard to racial justice, social equity and our overall mental health as a country. These are complicated issues that need level heads and open hearts if we ever want to see real progress. – Justin Laidlaw