Roses for Susan Blackmon

Roses for Susan Blackmon

(Photo courtesy of Jerry Pone)

Susan Blackmon, the retiring program director for YO:Durham, a youth organization created by Durham Congregations in Action, accepts roses alongside Hank Eichin, the DCIA board president, during a recent fundraising breakfast.

After more than seven years helping to design and implement YO, she is moving on.

Blackmon came to YO:Durham, soon to be merging with Partners for Youth, another local organization complementing the mission, after 32 years in public education as a teacher and principal.

She helped provide students, many coming from disadvantaged homes and neighborhoods, opportunities to experience the world of work and understand how school success connects to future career goals.

This “ripple effect” extends beyond participants (considered her grandchildren), their families and communities.

“If we don’t nourish them and help them reach their full potential, the future will be extremely bleak,” she warns.

(Photo Courtesy of Jerry Pone)