Tha Materials climb the musical scale

Tha Materials performed at the Tooties Bar in Durham on Sunday, Oct. 15. During the intimate performance, band lyricist Juteria Eaves delivers a soulful original piece. Eaves says the people around her inspired her lyrics. Behind Eaves is Cameron Tripp playing his trumpet. (Photo courtesy of Tha Materials)

Nod-worthy beats, enticing melodies, and soulful lyrics are the ingredients used to make Durham’s music group Tha Materials. On a cool fall Friday night band members gather for a weekly jam session to prepare for a special upcoming performance.

On Oct. 10, Tha Materials performed in Atlanta during BET’s annual Hip-Hop Awards show. It was their first televised performance.

“The thought of having a live band came from Cam, J, and Will maybe two years ago. We went through a couple of group changes until finally at the beginning of 2015 we all pieced together,” band lyricist Juteria Eaves said. “Realizing we all were hungry and passionate about our dreams, we got on the same wavelength and boom, this cohesive unit of undeniable individuals you see are Tha Materials.”

The six band members met while marching in The Sound Machine, N.C. Central University’s marching band, in 2010.

Juteria Eaves is the female lyricist and Ryan Hayes sings and writes for the band. Cameron Tripp is a lyricist and plays the trumpet. Durham Native, JC Justice, III plays the drums. Travis Jones plays bass and keyboard, and Reuben Ahukanna plays the keyboard and is also a lyricist.

In the past year, Tha Materials have showcased their musical talents all over the Bull City. Eaves said some of their best performances were at Cuban Revolution, The Pinhook, and on NCCU’s campus.

Outside of Durham, Tha Materials have performed at the Ugly Monkey in Raleigh, Pintxos Pour House in Winston Salem, Noda in Charlotte, and at S.W.E.T. in Greensboro.

“Our first open mic competition we did in Raleigh we ended up winning first place and a cash prize,” Justice said.

“It’s all raw emotion, and the emotion and the flow of six creative brains linking together to bring back great music and lyrics with substance,” Eaves said explaining how the group comes up with original lyrics and music.

“Our plan is to be able to quit our day jobs and start making our dreams a day to day reality,” Justice said. “By the end of the year we plan on being the voices of our generation. We want to elevate the people (community) to be great, and we want to create great music.”

In addition to their upcoming performance in Atlanta, Tha Materials plan on releasing their first album “One Stop Shop” on Nov 6.

Justice said Tha Materials will provide music lovers with everything they need “Positive, thought provoking, soulful music with ‘Ev’rything U Need” to “Make ya Feel Amazinn.’” Find them on Facebook for more information and to see when they are performing near you.

Cameron Tripp steps to the mic after Eaves. Behind him, (on the right) Ryan Hayes sings and (left) JC is playing the drums. (Photo courtesy of Tha Materials)

Cameron Tripp steps to the mic after Eaves. Behind him, (on the right) Ryan Hayes sings and (left) JC is playing the drums. (Photo courtesy of Tha Materials)