Victory Temple strives for victories both great and small

By Corliss Pauling

NCCU Staff Writer

the Durham VOICE

Singing, clapping and listening to the Word is how members of Victory Temple Holy Church began their Valentine’s Day service last week.

Two young children join in on worship and praise. Photo by Corliss Pauling.

Two young children join in on worship and praise. (Photo by Corliss Pauling)

The church, located next to the M&M convenience store, at 2126 Angier Avenue began in 1996 and has been at its current location for 12 years.

Co-Pastors Raymond Boney and Regina Boney felt that they were called upon by a higher power to open Victory Temple Holy Church after serving as youth pastors at another nearby church.

They, along with founding members Cynthia Jones, Erica Loring Greaux, Annie Fulton and the late Michael Jones, say they wanted to create a place of worship that furthered the teachings of God and connected to the Northeast Central Durham community.

“Since then the congregation has continued to grow,” said Reginald Boney, the son of Raymond and Regina. The church has around 300 members.

Boney attributes this progress to the growth of the surrounding community that has “embraced” and “welcomed” the congregation. He says that their uplifting and inspiring sermons also help.

The pastors at Victory Temple Holy Church are proud to count people of all ages among their congregation.

“Many of the students from N.C. Central University attend Sunday services and actively participate in our college ministry that focuses on building spiritual and social awareness,” said Boney.

“They have a lot of young leaders which is a big factor for youth,” said Lee Jackson, a physical education sophomore at NCCU. “They also have lots of activities for the youth to do and the messages that are taught are ones that we can relate to.”

“It’s just an environment that makes you want to come and be a part of,” said Jackson.

The church is also dedicated to serving the community.

Latia White Boney, Stacy Evans and the members of the praise and worship team start service with an uplifting song. Photo by Corliss Pauling.

Latia White Boney, Stacy Evans and the members of the praise and worship team start service with an uplifting song. (Photo by Corliss Pauling)

“Victory Temple Holy Church acts as a center of relief for the community,” said Boney.

“We do a lot of outreach for the community that includes tutoring, vacation Bible school and summer camp,” said Pastor Barbara Williams who has been a member since 2000.

Many of the members from the congregation come from an educational and teaching background. They tutor children from the community and the church.

Sometimes they even arrange tutoring sessions for the students who cannot meet at the church.

Victory Temple Holy Church classifies their ministry as “Pentecostal with a modern flare,” said Boney. This modern flare means, in part, that they are not strict about dress codes or individual worship styles like other traditional Pentecostal churches.

Members are free to shout, clap, run or move in any way when led by the spirit.

“I really enjoy the atmosphere and the people,” said Tiara Wilson who attends service with her fiancé Darren Russel.

Victory Temple Holy Church is a proud part of NECD where its members say they strive to live by their motto “Whether great or small, victory is still victory.”

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  1. Victory Temple is a great church. I am the proud daughter of the founders Raymond and Regina Boney. We are doing great things. This is a great article.

  2. Thank you Ms. Pauling for the great article that will give us more exposure to the community and aid us in our growth!

  3. Glenda Morris says:

    This is a great article. Love seeing the little ones giving God praise. Pastor and Co-Pastor Boney keep feeding Gods people the word.

  4. Angelina Smith says:

    Thank for sharing your church news with the community all over North Carolina. I especially look forward to reading about the happeings and a word from the Lord!

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