Welcome to a new year with the VOICE

By Praycious Wilson-Gay
Teen Editor-in-Chief
Durham VOICE

As the new Teen Editor-in Chief, I am very excited about this year’s VOICE!

I have been with the VOICE since the beginning, originally as a Teen Arts Co-Editor, and I am very proud to see how the VOICE has progressed.  This experience has been so rewarding.  I get a certain feeling of joy when I see someone get excited because they’re in the paper — or someone they know — is in the VOICE.  Not many people can say that they have the true ability to showcase what is going on in their community.

Teen Editor-in-Chief Praycious Wilson-Gay

I have always been a very shy person.  Being a key part of the VOICE has made me appreciate that my thoughts, opinions and ideas matter to the “playmakers.”  I know that what I have to say is valued.  This is what I feel the VOICE is all about — letting you know that your opinion is valued.

As a teenager, I can relate to the feeling of inferiority to an adult.  As a writer, even if you don’t have the guts to say something in the moment, you still have the forum to express your most personal ideals—perhaps even to persuade others to look at things differently.

Although the VOICE highlights news from all around Durham, the heart of the VOICE surrounds Northeast Central Durham  — a part of the city that has made great strides after seemingly being neglected for years.  This year’s edition will continue to focus on what’s up and coming in our neighborhoods and celebrate the pillars in our community.  We’ll also try to address some of the concerns of the community. And remember: every person’s opinion matters.

I’ve stuck with the VOICE because I believe in the power of words.  From a text message to a tweet, an article to a letter, words can make you laugh, cry and anger you.  They can tell someone exactly how you feel or empower you to speak your mind.  This year, I want you to do just that, either by contacting us to cover a story or by submitting articles, pictures or poems.  The online version of the VOICE also accepts video submissions.

Welcome back to the Northeast Central Durham Community VOICE.