Welcome to the VOICE

Emily Kennard and Courtney Price


UNC Co-Editors
the Durham VOICE

Welcome to the first edition of the Northeast Central Durham Community VOICE. We have worked hard over the past few weeks to make sure this publication accurately conveys the ‘voice’ of this community, and we hope that you are just as excited as we are.

This community can be defined in many ways, but we choose to define it as hopeful. This newspaper is filled with stories about change: change for the better, and change for the future. There are people in this community who do courageous, inspiring things every day that go unnoticed. The goal of this publication is to get them noticed.

We want to eventually turn this publication over to the community so we want your input. This is your community and your paper. You are the ones who truly know what this town is all about. Please share it with us.

What we have seen so far in this community beats the stereotypes and proves the strongest bond is that of a community. We hope that the VOICE will show this and continue to do so for many years.

Thanks for reading and enjoy! Contact us at: ekennard@email.unc.edu and ecprice@email.unc.edu

High school students wishing to contribute content are invited to email our teen coordintor, Carly Brantmeyer, at cbrantmeyer@gmail.com

At right: Tar Heel and Eagle student staffers of the Northeast Central Durham Community VOICE pose for a group portrait after a recent mixer in Durham, left to right, front to back, Alison Shay, UNC; Carlton Koonce, editor of the NCCU Campus Echo; Abby Jennings, UNC; Kanisha Madison, NCCU; Courtney Price, UNC; Erica Smith, NCCU; Emily Kennard, UNC; Julian March, UNC; Aaron Saunders, NCCU, Briana Aguilar, NCCU; Brad Piland, UNC; Matthew Beatty, NCCU; Jamese Slade, NCCU; Jamon Glover, NCCU; back row: NCCU Assistant Professor Lisa Paulin, Visiting International Scholar Professor Chenkai Liu; NCCU Associate Professor Bruce dePyssler; and David Fitts, NCCU. (Photo by Jock Lauterer, UNC)

One thought on “Welcome to the VOICE

  1. Carolyn T. Walker, Lead Teacher, WRBC Afterschool Program says:

    What a wonderful website! I truly enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. I learned a lot about NE Central Durham and even saw some people I knew. Kobi Reynolds, the Food Critic, alerted me to the website. She is such a delightful young lady with lots of talent.
    Carolyn T. Walker

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