what u talking bout Lupe?

By Paul Newman

Youth Noise Network Staff Writer


On Friday, Feb. 26, SpiritHouse Inc. Youth Noise Network hosted its second Safe in Our Streets event titled “Lasers vs. Losers Lupe Fiasco Listening Party.” at New Horizons Academy of Excellence on 121 Hunt St.

Paul Newman and Walter Dubois listen intently as they try to win a game of "Name that Sample." (Photos by Nia Wilson)

Youth Noise Network (YNN) member Marcella Camara is a known Lupe Fiasco fan, and one day while meeting, she suggested a listening party for his new mix tape, “Enemy of the State.”

After the idea was accepted, the youth began planning for the event.

The event began with an activity called “what u talkin bout Lupe?” DJ Sammy Truong played three favorite Lupe Fiasco songs while the group analyzed the lyrics.

After listening to Lupe’s eye-opening lyrics, the group realized how easily we as young people accept things that are fed to us without question or concern. For example, YNN member Matthias Presley interpreted part of the song, “The Instrumental,” as Lupe Fiasco putting himself in a box to fit into modern society.

There were other activities through the duration of the night including question collages and a game called, “Name that Sample.” The object of the game was to listen to the song being played by the DJ, and then name one or more songs you know that have sampled it.

YNN will be hosting another event titled, “He Say She Say” which will be held Friday, March 19. For more information call 919-358 3707, e-mail us at spirithousenc@gmail.com or check out our Web site.

Editor’s note: Paul is a freshman at Hillside New Tech High School and a staffwriter for Youth Noise Network. The VOICE thanks Nia Wilson of Spirithouse for these wonderful photos.