“With Their Eyes” monologues reflect on 9/11

By Rosalia Preiss


Teen Co-Arts Editor

the Durham VOICE


Save the date!  On Nov. 12-15, Durham School of the Arts will be presenting the play “With Their Eyes” by Annie Thoms.  The play is a composition of monologues from students at Stuyvestant High School in New York City about the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers.

Rosalia Preiss

Rosalia Preiss

The monologues, real interviews with survivors who experienced the attacks first-hand, reveal how they were affected by the tragic event.

To get more information about the play, I talked to cast member Mira Kessler, a sophomore at DSA.

“I wanted to audition for this play because I thought it was really different and cool, and I liked that all the roles were pretty much equal sized.” Kessler said.

When I asked what the hardest part of rehearsal was, she responded, “For every monologue we do, we have to choreograph every movement to what the person is saying.”

However, Kessler thought being in the play has been very rewarding because of the new people she met and the in-depth monologues.

Each of the 12 cast members portray at least two characters in the show, ranging from a bubbly freshman girl to a Ukrainian exchange student.  The play, directed by DSA theater teacher Douglas Graves, will be a very emotional and powerful reflection on the lasting effect of these events on our country, and it should be a dramatic production you won’t want to miss!

Tickets can be purchased for $8 in advance or on the day of the show in the Black Box Theater at Durham School of the Arts.