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Moments after Megan George, of Raleigh, uploaded a picture of a single terrarium she created, someone wanted to buy it. That’s all it took for her to begin to develop her online business. Her success has allowed her to evolve to a storefront: Zen Succulent on Parrish Street in downtown Durham.

Art by Megan George can be used as decorations in different ways like wall art. (photo courtesy of Zen Succulent)

Art by Megan George can be used as decorations in different ways like wall art. (photo courtesy of Zen Succulent)

Durham became a second home to George since her parents work in the Research Triangle Park. As a child, George visited Durham often and witnessed its rapid development.

After graduating from the UNC-Greensboro in marketing, George worked at a lottery station while making terrariums and plant crafts in her spare time. In 2012, the website, was official and began bringing in revenue.

“I saw it as an achievement on a good job,” says George. “It’s kinda’ how my business has grown.”

It was actually a neighbor who gave her the idea of opening a store. She decided to give it a try and opened her business on Parrish Street.

“I never said I wanted a business out loud. I like to be cautious but take opportunities when given to me,” said George. “It felt good to be out of a studio into a store.”

Crafts from Zen Succulent are shipped all over the United States. The business gradually progressed. Online revenue consists of 25 percent of the sales.

From time to time, George teaches small classes how to make their own crafts. The classes consist of no more than ten students. The students ask questions and in return, they learn the skill to make their own terrarium at any given time.

“This is a wonderful spot to stop by,” commented Susan White, regular customer. “The air is nice. I love stopping by myself or with friends.”

George controls the majority of the work for the store and online business. Julie, a helper at the store, helps with running the store and inventory at times. All interviews, work, and social media posts are done by George. Delivering the crafts is important as she travels all over United States accompanied by her mother.

Megan George building a terrarium. (Photo courtesy of Megan George)

Megan George building a terrarium. (Photo courtesy of Megan George)

“Megan George is a great and talented artist,” said Rachel Campbell. “She creates beautiful crafts and is an amazing person to be around.”

Inspiration for the terrariums come from nature. Different types of leaves and greenery within her home helps George create unique crafts for decoration.

The terrarium was created so that people are not afraid to bring plants indoors. The cost of a terrarium is $18. The price it takes to create is $20.

“I did not know it would sell,” added George. “I make it so I would buy it. People responded well.”

George plans for the future of the store to be a success. She hopes to create more flexibility of the store. New styles of terrarium and plant crafts will be made as time passes.

“I will create more as long as the customers will have me.”

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