Academy creates Global Scholars in classroom and beyond

Global Scholars Academy is not your average school; while most schools teach Spanish as the required foreign language, this school offers Mandarin, which is the most spoken language in the world. The children are also involved in robust programs that most would not even find in a typical high school, such as biomedical engineering.

Andrea Henderson has been attending Global Scholars Academy since fourth grade. (Staff photo by Chardonee Bell)

Andrea Henderson has been attending Global Scholars Academy since fourth grade. (Staff photo by Chardonee Bell)

Since its opening in 2009, Global Scholars Academy has grown in many ways; they now offer a plethora of different programs, including debate, public speaking, homework support, tutoring, and an adult education program for parents. They have an entrepreneurial program, where students learn how to build a business model and speak to business owners about startups.

Dr. Hankins, the associate head of the school, said that he enjoys “giving kids a chance to grow, learn, and expose them to many different activities.” The academy is much more than just a place for students to go during the day.

“We are a community of learners, not just a school,” Hankins stated. “We do not just educate the students, but their parents as well. We have a full-circle approach to learning.”

Agatha Brown, Head of School at the academy, said that the best part of a school day is to “see the look on a child’s face when they learn something new.” She loves to share in the success of the parents and help provide them with the educational resources that the children need.

Global Scholars Academy prepares students for prestigious high schools and universities. They currently have partnerships with Duke University, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and North Carolina Central University.

Companies in the area have also collaborated with the academy. A small group of students recently worked with Cisco, where they job shadowed to learn more about the company.

Andrea Henderson, a seventh grader who has been attending Global Scholars Academy since fourth grade, states that her favorite part about the school is the small sizes of the classrooms, but also how big the school is as a whole.

Hankins also believes that the smaller classroom sizes are more intimate and, therefore, help the students grow. He said that, for the students, the most beneficial aspect of attending the school would be the opportunity to bond with their peers.

“Since this is a small school, they really get to learn more about teach other and how to work in groups,” Hankins stated. “They figure out how to handle different challenges as a team, instead of always doing work by themselves.”

Global Scholars Academy is always accepting applications for new volunteers, as they are essential to the achievement of their students. “Only a few people can make a huge difference,” Brown states. “It’s a community effort.”

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