Durham’s Ronald McDonald House: A house of blessings

By Julian Keeler

December 6, 2017

  In 1973, when Philadelphia Eagles tight end Fred Hill learned about his daughter’s leukemia diagnosis, he and his wife noticed the inconveniences parents had to go through to support their sick child while in the hospital. They teamed up with a local McDonalds to purchase and restore a house near the hospital where these […]

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Dental Bus visits Riverside High

By Nile Foxx

November 26, 2017

The sound of dental drills rang through the hallways of Riverside High School on Nov. 15. A mobile dentist office visited the school to provide dental care to about 50 students in need. “I never knew how much need there was until I started this job,” said Melody Daniels, team leader and Registered Dental Hygienist. […]

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Durham Tech aims to ‘close the gap’ in community healthcare

By Allison Tate

How many of the students here are in this for the money, asks instructor Erica Hall. No hands rise. Hall looks out at the class, about a dozen faces, and tells them that what they’re learning to do won’t be about the fame either. Becoming a community health worker is all about helping your neighbors […]

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Children of Durham at high risk for lead poisoning

By David Fee

November 8, 2017

Lead poisoning in children poses a serious risk to children in Durham, and late last month, PEACH hosted a town hall-style meeting and dinner to talk with community members about their concerns with such hazards. “We wanted to give you some information about lead poisoning,” said La Verne Reid, the host of the event. “But […]

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Black Men Run meets new faces weekly

By Autavius Smith and Carl Smith

October 26, 2017

Casual joggers and athletes may get up in the morning to run for all intended obvious health benefits; lose weight, improve self-esteem, and prevent disease. But for North Carolina State University Economics professor Jason Coupet and a few of Durham’s running clubs, exercise is just part of the health equation for an advantageous lifestyle. A […]

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Inside Outside Alliance demands change at Durham County Correctional Facility

By Sarah Cline

October 18, 2017

The conditions at the Durham County Correctional Facility need to change, according to the Inside Outside Alliance. And they’re doing everything in their power to make it happen. As part of ongoing protests for prison reforms at the correctional facility, protesters gathered outside of the jail last Friday to voice their grievances with the treatment […]

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Collective Wellness offers classes to support health journey

By Tiayana Ford

October 4, 2017

  On a recent Wednesday, a small group of women took a break from the demands of the outside world to focus on themselves at Collective Wellness in Durham. The free Wednesday workshop, this particular week, focused on reflecting on individual values, beliefs and language to live one’s best life. Each week there is a […]

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Durham Parks and Rec hosts free farmers’ market

By Chrissy Murphy

  On a sunny Thursday morning, Clarice Page walked down the hallway of the second floor of the Holton Career and Resource Center, home to Durham Parks and Recreation. Page was one of many Durham residents walking down the hallway that morning headed for Parks and Recreation’s farmers’ market event for seniors over the age […]

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PEACH warns about dangers of lead poisoning

By David Fee

In an earlier version of this story, the VOICE stated incorrectly that PEACH had 300 contractors trained. The correct number of contractors trained by PEACH is 700. The story also incorrectly stated that PEACH was responsible for removing lead hazards in more than 200 buildings; rather it has been responsible for identifying more than 200 […]

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Mature adults find fun and companionship at Durham centers

By Daija Graves

September 21, 2017

  Durham is known for being a vibrant, active community and that holds true for its mature citizens as well as its younger ones. The Durham Center for Senior Life and CAARE, Inc. meet the needs of the community in different ways. The Durham Center for Senior Life was founded in 1949 to enhance the […]

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SEEDlings nurturing the next generation

By Vanessa Luo

September 20, 2017

How did the meal start? Where did it come from? For many, these are not questions that would cross people’s minds before a meal. But it’s the norm for the children at SEEDlings. In front of them are scrambled eggs and fried rice with eggplant, topped with mint, basil and marigold. The children helped cook […]

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TRY: Out to overcome overdose

By Allison Tate

  Gerald Elliott’s first solo trip as a young law enforcement officer left an impression. It was 1987, and he was to deliver a death notice to a family that had lost their 21-year-old son to drug overdose. Elliott was twenty-one, too. Thirty years later, Elliott and his family found themselves on the receiving end […]

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New generation revitalizes Angier Avenue Neighborhood Farm

By Camari Jones

September 19, 2017

  There’s a new generation among Northeast Central Durham trying to make their community brighter and healthier through gardening. Angier Avenue Neighborhood Farm is a community farm located on the corner of Maple Street and Angier Avenue. It was started by Bountiful Backyards, a Durham-based edible landscaping business in 2012 when they raised money through […]

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Kicking discipline with youth

By Nafisa Shah

May 3, 2017

  “I will make a way out of no way.” Master Derrick Richardson, 9th Dan (9th degree) black belt, has youth in his martial arts class say this often. Richardson, 55, has been teaching kids for about three years through an organization called Champions in Motion. He has appeared in international competitions, magazines like Black […]

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ACRA helps Durham community members living with HIV and AIDS

By Mckenna Lea

April 19, 2017

After 30 years of service in the Durham community, the AIDS Community Residence Association (ACRA) has helped many individuals and their families live with HIV and AIDS. Located in South Durham, ACRA Durham provides education and innovative housing for their residents. ACRA currently has two “scattered site” housing facilities which allows residents to live more […]

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Musical duo Meek Noise brings joy to senior center

By Avery Rodriguez

  For almost six years, Durham residents and close friends Noah Goyette, 40, and Sloan Meek, 29, have entertained seniors at the Durham Center for Senior Life. Meek and Goyette arrive every Tuesday and Friday at noon to play a variety of instruments for onlookers. “Noah jokes that we’ve outlasted three center directors and seen […]

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Creek Week keeps Durham beautiful

By Elise Clouser

April 5, 2017

  On a warm weekday morning in late March, while most Durham residents are at work or school, a group of about ten volunteers don bright green vests, sturdy gloves and old sneakers for a Creek Week cleanup event. They carry giant trash bags and begin making their way along the winding creek, picking up […]

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Commentary: My Ride with Meals on Wheels

By Molly Smith

The second I set foot inside Meals on Wheels of Durham, I was immediately greeted with an air filled by the smell of sizzling hamburgers, the sound of animated chit-chat and the sight of dozens of smiling faces. After hearing about President Trump’s proposed budget cuts that endanger thousands of local Meals on Wheels agencies […]

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DCSL: keeping the older adults healthy and active

By Diamond Gwynn

March 31, 2017

  Durham Center for Senior Life, founded in 1949, is a happy, safe place for community senior citizens. DCSL has four different centers, one being in the heart of downtown Durham. Each facility offers a wide selection of programs and services for older adults. Their motto is “enhancing the lives of older adults through education, […]

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Children learn, grow in SEEDS

By Rashaan Ayesh

March 1, 2017

  The school bus driver drops the kids off at the entrance of the garden. Kareemah Abdusamad rushes out of the building on 706 Gilbert St. to greet all of the children who are running down the dirt pathway. Abdusamad welcomes each child and asks about their day. She notices that 10-year-old Adrian Platt has a hole […]

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