Dance floor too hot for the flu

Keith DosReis and the moms do the Mississippi Shuffle. (Staff photo by Aaron Faison)


With the flu season still upon us, and many people getting sick, you wouldn’t think there would be time for a dance? But Keith DosReis Jr. and the Durham Parks and Recreation staff were confident that people would show up for the second annual Mothers & Sons Dance at the Holton Center.

Hunter jumps up to start his dance moves. (Staff photo by Aaron Faison)

At 6 p.m. on Feb. 15, the doors opened, and the wait began. The music was loud, the tables were decorated with chocolate candies, and balloons covered the floor, setting the mood for a perfect night.

Apparently, being fashionably late is a Durham trend, and a bit after 6:20, mothers and their sons began walking through the door with coats, hats and gloves on. After signing in and grabbing a quick bite to eat, everyone headed straight to the dance floor.

“Last year we had a great turnout,” DosReis, Jr. stated.

Even with the flu going around, this year brave souls still came out to have a good time and dance for a good cause, family fun – mother and son bonding.

DosReis, Jr. stated that he and the staff wanted to do something for the mothers in the community, seeing how there was already a Father Daughter Dance.

“We wanted to give these young men a place to be as well as provide service to the community,” said DosReis, Jr.  “The dance was not only a place to unwind, but DPR wanted to use the dance as a way to teach and train young men how to treat ladies when they take them out on dates.”

There was no shortage of energy from any of the young men who attended the event, showing off all of their moves from break dancing to the Nae-Nae.

Moms had the same energy to match their sons, and even showed off moves of their own.

About 30 people came out this year, a little less than last year, but the weather kept a lot of people sidelined. Keith DosReis, Jr. and the DPR staff look forward to planning more of these events and would love to get more of the community out and active.

They want everyone to stay on the lookout for other events this spring.

The kids had a great time at the second annual DPR Mother & Son Dance at the Holton Center. Here, they try out their break dancing moves to the Beastie Boys. (Staff photo by Aaron Faison)