Global Scholars preparing to step up

Global Scholars Acadamy eighth grader Walter Bannerman and his mother look through a PowerPoint presentation at the 8th Grade Parent Meeting. (Staff photo by Keynari Brown)


The transition from middle school to high school can be a heavy load for teenagers everywhere. A sudden thrust into a different environment with new surroundings, more freedom, and a faster-paced curriculum are just some of the few things that these adolescents have to deal with.

Faculty and staff at Global Scholars Academy in Durham want the parents of these anxious eighth-graders to have their scholar as prepared as possible, which is why the first 8th Grade Parent Meeting of the year was held at the school on Nov. 16.

“I think it’s great to expose our children to not only good colleges, but high schools as well,” said Ashley McCray, the guidance counselor at Global Scholars Academy.

Throughout the calendar academic year, students in the eighth grade will be taken on tours to different high schools across the county, but McCray encourages parents to take up that initiative for their child.

“We will take the students to a few (schools) but it’s really beneficial for the child if the parent can do that as well,” said McCray.

According to McCray, the things to consider when selecting a high school for their scholar is: school environment, size, diversity, student/teacher ratio, school culture/reputation, and transportation.

“You want to find the high school that fits your scholar, and not try to make the scholar fit the high school,” added McCray.

Global Scholars Academy Principal Jason Jowers echoed her sentiments almost exactly.

“Most schools that your child will qualify for specialize in specific areas,” commented Jowers. “Pick a school that has the best interest for your child.”



  • Principal Jason Jowers and Guidance Counselor Ashley McCray look on as other faculty speak during the 8th Grade Parent Meeting. (Staff photo by Keynari Brown)