Hillside football players commit on Signing Day

By Theo Hanna
Staff Writer
The Hillside Chronicle
Hillside High School


Editor’s Note: This story appeared originally in The Hillside Chronicle, the school newspaper of Hillside High School, which is led by journalism teacher Elizabeth DeOrnellas. The Durham VOICE is proud to serve as a mentoring partner to The Hillside Chronicle.


Signing Day, Feb. 1, was a great day in Hillside Athletics history.

Eleven football players took their talents to their respective Division I and Division II colleges.

Jamal Marcus chose Ohio State University in the Big Ten Conference. He was just one of the Hillside athletes that made big news on Signing Day.

Eleven Hillside football players signed their letters of intent in February. (Photo courtesy of the Hillside Chronicle)

Aaron Krah chose Appalachian State University and Collyn Anderson chose Gardner-Webb University.

Krah said he chose the school for “football and his major.” Anderson said he chose his school “because of the area and its sports business and marketing program.”

Rodney Witherspoon Jr., who chose West Virginia Weslyan College, said he likes “the way the school is a family” and that he “wants to win.” He said he plans to go to that school for four years.

Dylan Davis also selected West Virginia Weslyan College.

“Football and the drive from my family made me go to the college that I chose,” said Davis.

Lamont Melvin said he plans to red shirt at Fayetteville State University. He said he plans to practice “hard work” during his four years in college.

Casey Perry, who will be attending UNC- Charlotte, also said he plans to redshirt. He received a five-year scholarship.

“I might possibly leave with a master’s in business,” said Perry who added that he has a potential shot at the NFL.

Daniel Jordan also selected UNC- Charlotte. “A great city and the start of a new program made me want to go,” said Jordan.

Kelvin Wright, who chose Hampton University, received a four-year partial scholarship and said he wants to go into communications as a major. Wright added that he hopes the school will bring him success and make him a “better young man.”

Kevin Cousin and Anthony Mangum chose North Carolina A&T University. Cousin said it was close to home and said he wants to study engineering and potentially go into architecture.

Cousin received an academic full-ride scholarship and seems ready to start the next phase of his academics and athletics.

He said the school will offer him “fun and good football.”