Don’t underestimate the power of pets

By Shazeeda Mohamed
Teen Staff Writer
Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College High School
the Durham VOICE


As teenagers, we are probably still trying to find ourselves.

Along the way, we may find ourselves consumed with negative emotions such as sadness and anger.

Some teenagers may turn to their family for help. Others may seek comfort in a friend or trusted adult.

Teen columnist Shazeeda Mohamed

I, however, would turn to my pet for love and support.

The power of pets is amazing. They can serve as both a best friend and a healer.

Pets have much love and compassion to share, and they only ask to be loved. If you were to come home in a bad mood, you could snuggle with your pet and it could make everything seem better.

Pets are also loyal and will always stand by your side. They are not judgmental and do not talk back, so you can speak to them without fear of being judged or being yelled at.

Secrets are absolutely safe with a pet. A pet can be your best friend who will always be there for you no matter what.

In addition to being companions, pets can also be physical healers.

Studies show that owning a pet comes with health benefits. The responsibility of taking care of a pet can serve as good workout. In addition, pet owners usually tend to have lower blood pressure.

Pets help guard against depression and help to ease the pain of losing a loved one. In general, pets can help a person live a better life and guard against illness.

They only ask to be loved.

I have my own personal story to share about my amazing hamster, Cuddles, who has had a significant impact on my life.

I bought Cuddles, a Robo Dwarf hamster, in September 2011. She is the best thing I could have asked for.

She has helped me to become more active in my life just by cleaning her cage daily. She usually waits for me at the front of her cage before I go to school and wakes up to greet me when I come home.

If I happen to come home upset or stressed, I can hold her and find some comfort. I would prefer to talk to her than a person.

Some may say that is crazy, but only a pet owner or animal lover could understand how much love pets have to offer.

My advice to teenagers would be to confide in a pet if you feel hurt, lonely or just want someone to talk to. Pets are very kind and loving and will always be there to support you.

They can be more than just your best friends.

Pets are healers as well and can improve our lives. Through my own experience with pets, I have felt their power.

Pets are like family to people, and should be cherished by those who own them.

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  1. What a great article!! I agree with you, Shazeeda. Pets have an amazing power to help heal. they are super best friends and love us sooo much. When everyone else seems to be against us our pets love us unconditionallly. I have french bulldogs and i can tell you first hand that they are my best friends and will always love me even when i have a bad day.

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