Hillside students interested in music recording class

By Kiel Brunken
Staff Writer
The Hillside Chronicle
Hillside High School

Editor’s Note: This story appeared originally in The Hillside Chronicle, the school newspaper of Hillside High School, which is led by journalism teacher Elizabeth DeOrnellas. The Durham VOICE is proud to serve as a mentoring partner to The Hillside Chronicle.

I’m disappointed with Hillside because the school doesn’t offer an audio engineering, also known as music recording, class.

Kiel Brunken, Hillside Chronicle columnist

I’ve been recording my own music for three years and recording others’ for one year. I want to study music tech in college, and I’d like to have as much class experience before I enter the profession.

In the school year of 2004-05, Hillside had a music-recording course to take. Xavier Cason, the teacher of the course, said, “It was made possible by the fact that we were on a modified block schedule with seven class periods.”

Cason said the popularity of the class increased once students heard of the class. He said the students’ interest for this subject has definitely increased since then. He said that the course was ended simply because there was no room to fit it in the 4×4 block schedule.

Cason said if the course were supported as a scheduling priority, and supported with school-owned equipment, he would bring it back. When he taught the class in 2004, he had to use his own equipment.

Some equipment needed for this course would include reliable computers, audio-interface, software, microphones and other accessories such as cables and instruments. Even though this is costly, this course would kick start student participation school.

Hillside junior Dakota Seitz said he’d be interested in taking the course.

“It mainly depends if he lets us record any type of music.”

Cason said the class focused on the following objectives: basic music theory, the art and craft of songwriting, trends of the recording industry, basic recording techniques. live showcasing of songs written during class and CD recording of songs written during the class.

Students wanting to attend college for music tech would have a great advantage from taking this course. According to education-portal.com, typical college courses in this major consist of: film and video sound design, introduction to digital audio, home studio production, music industry fundamentals and songwriting.

Students who have the opportunity to take a music tech course would be able to be more prepared for college and the profession.