Two student dancers win in the PTSA Reflections

By Hasheem Brin
Staff Writer
The Hillside Chronicle
Hillside High School


Editor’s Note: This story appeared originally in The Hillside Chronicle, the school newspaper of Hillside High School, which is led by journalism teacher Elizabeth DeOrnellas. The Durham VOICE is proud to serve as a mentoring partner to The Hillside Chronicle.


Two students in the Hillside Dance Company won awards in the Durham Public Schools PTSA Reflections contest in March.

The contest is for literary and performing arts, and has original work performed in the show. The contest gives participants scholarships to fine arts or performing art schools or programs. The groups that win will go on to the state and nationals to compete.

The two winning students were Hillside senior Romell Harris and junior Rachel

DeLauder. Both entered in the dance category of the contest.

The dance teacher and director of the dance company, Yvonne Payton-Davis, said that she is proud of the students’ accomplishments.

“ It’s good that they are taking their experience in the company and utilizing it in the arts,” she said.

Harris stated that the contest was a good experience and that it was a good way to express himself. He is in the top three groups that are in the running to get a scholarship from the national competition.

Even so, Harris said he has more to do in the future.

“I feel I have more to accomplish in life,” Harris said.

DeLauder said she also thinks the contest was a great way to express herself.

“What I received throughout the program was the experience to express diversity through dance and to showcase diversity through women.”