Not Just Wings Opens in NECD

By Jay Jones
NCCU Staff Writer
the Durham VOICE

Durham residents got another casual dining option on May 15 when Not Just Wings opened its walk-up window in NECD. The family-owned restaurant offers food blended with Puerto Rican, Western Indian and Southern flavors, mixed with a lot of love.

The Brewster family poses outside their Durham restaurant, front to back, left to right, Anna Diaz Brewster, Nikki’s husband, James, Nikki, and back row, Kevin and Solomon. (Staff Photo by Jay Jones)

The restaurant, located at 102 Hood Street, is open Monday-Saturday, serving everything from hot or cold sandwiches to Philly Chicken or Steak subs.

They also offer fish, hamburgers, (top selling) hotdogs, and of course, wings that come in multiple flavors. All the food is prepared and cooked right in front of you.

Opening Not Just Wings fulfills a dream for the Brewster family that moved from the Bronx to Durham a few years ago. Whether it be Solomon, Kevin or Nikki saying hello with their New York accent, this family combo instantly try to make you feel like you’re at home in your family’s kitchen about to eat.

“Separately we can’t stand alone, but together we make an awesome team,” said Nikki.

“People come in and ask me where is my wife and I tell them, that’s not my wife, she’s my sister,” said Solomon.

That’s how close they are and how much they work together.

Nikki Brewster brings with her the culinary skills and recipes passed down from her mother, Anna Diaz Brewster. “She loved to come in the kitchen and help me as I cooked,” said Mrs. Brewster.

As she takes orders, she is also known to ask about customers’ health. She watches out for customers who are diabetic or shouldn’t have too much salt.

Not Just Wings opened in NECD in May. (Staff photo by Jay Jones)

Solomon, Nikki’s brother, brings the business savvy of 12 years experience in the restaurant business to ensure Nikki’s big heartedness doesn’t inspire her to give away everything for free and makes sure they keep money coming in so that they can stay open.

He also works to maintain high standards. Recently, when he felt he didn’t have enough fish to complete a call in order, he gave the customer the fish plate for free and offered to make her another dish for the price of the original fish plate.

Kevin, Nikki and Solomon’s brother as well as the third part of this dynamic trio, brings a tireless work ethic, calm demeanor, skills on the grill and great customer service to the restaurant. He and Solomon have frequent debates over who’s the best cook in the family.

“The thing that I respect most about “Not Just Wings” is that the people are just as great as the food.

The entire staff is warm and helpful,” said Michael Woods, a frequent customer.

If you need another reason to visit “Not Just Wings” besides the great people and outstanding food, they are offering a 10 percent discount to all college students.

They also cater, so if you want your next family gathering or event to have great food, give Not Just Wings a call.

Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday-Saturday 11 a.m.-11 p.m. and they are closed on Sunday.

You can call ahead and place your order so it is ready for pick up at 919-682-4600.