Playground Perspective: What do Durham’s little ones think about the upcoming election?

May 07, 2024

By Regan Rhymes

Think back to when you were eight years old. When the hardest choice was picking your item for show and tell, decisions were simpler. In our fast-paced, deadline driven world, grown ups often lose sight of that child-like wonder. Perhaps when life gets complicated, we can still apply our little ones’ logic as simple solutions. To help you think about today’s current events through a light-hearted lens, let’s help give a voice to our community youngsters in this Playground Perspective.

As we know, elections are around the corner and so are the Bull City’s brightest young minds. Although they have several years before voting, Durham children have plenty to say about the upcoming races and how politics affects their world. I had the opportunity to chat with these intelligent young leaders in a politics themed Q&A.

**Identifiable personal information is omitted from this column out of privacy for the student interviewees.**

“If you could be president for a day, what would you do and why?”

3rd grader Michael: “I think the White House could definitely be made cooler. We could build a slide or a ball pit, maybe put a Wendy’s in there. I love Wendy’s.” Michael enlightened me on his passions for quality dining, especially in the school cafeteria, but also food access worldwide. 

“And too many people are hungry and homeless in the world. I would spend thousands of dollars to make sure everyone can taste a Frosty and fries at least once a week. ” Little does Michael know, with campaign promises like that the race would be a landslide in his favor. As for our current commander in chief, another little leader is looking for answers. 

“If you could ask President Biden anything right now, what would you ask?”

1st grader Lindsey: “We talked about in class that Biden has a puppy and a cat and I want to know what their names are. Also he can bring them out to play at the White House one day and let kids pet them and let them see every room. Maybe he could invite me.” Mr. President, we hope you’re hearing this loud and clear. Tell your Chief of Staff to pencil in a puppy-cat playdate at Pennsylvania Avenue with Lindsey. 

“What should grown ups think about when they choose to vote for who leads the country?”

4th grader Priya: “They should vote for someone who is nice and respectful. Also if someone running helps people at our school that would be good. People who can help teachers and bus drivers get paid more, the grown ups should give them more votes.” In addition to more green for educators, Priya talked about more green practices to save the planet. “The world and nature also need to be protected. My family recycles every day and the adults can do more to make our home cleaner. Before they vote they should think about what’s best for the Earth.”

The students in Durham continue to learn about the government but already have big ideas for a better future! Although the primaries have passed, their commentary is still yours to consider as the general election approaches this November. Register in your county and use your vote as a voice for these leaders of tomorrow. 

Know any students interested in being featured in our next Playground Perspective Q&A? 

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Send them our way, Durham!

Regan Rhymes is a columnist, audio journalist and reporter for the Durham VOICE.

Regan Rhymes (she/her) is a reporter and second-year media and journalism student from Kernersville, North Carolina. Her small-town roots have fostered her love for tight-knit spaces and communities. Throughout her career, Regan has been an advocate for creative expression. Her stories range from podcasting for the Teen Leadership Network to speech writing for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. In addition to being a public speaker and journalist, Regan is a performer who loves showcasing the unique artistry and talents of the Bull City. She looks forward to delving deeper in Durham’s pool of creative writers, singers, instrumentalists, visual artists and designers.

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