Technology is a double-sided sword

Abigail Sherrod
Southern High School Staff Writer
the Durham VOICE

Editor’s Note: This commentary appeared originally in the Southern Scoop, the school newspaper of Southern High School led by journalism teacher Heather Lemke. The VOICE supports the Scoop with resources and mentoring.


Children from ages 13 to 19 years old are mainly based around technology.

They use computers to access social websites, they use cell phones to chat with their friends, and they use television to watch their favorite shows.

Teen columnist Abigain Sherrod of Southern High School.

According to, Social Media use is widespread among teens. Fully 95 percent of all teens ages 12-17 are now online, and 80 percent of online teens are users of social media sites.

Even though that age group may sound too young to be so engaged in technology, most children start watching television and using the internet at ages younger than that.

Not only are they using these things but they are using it more than they are using the things they need to develop mentally. also stated that, among all children up to age 8, an average of one hour and 40 minutes is spent watching television or DVDs in a typical day, compared to 29 minutes reading or being read to.

They also spend  29 minutes listening to music, 17 minutes using a computer, 14 minutes using a console or handheld video game player, and 5 minutes using a cell phone, video iPod, iPad, or similar device.

One of the most major forms of technology is the use of computers .Most people use computers to find information or to take part in social networking.

Social networking has both its pros and its cons.

Based on , one good thing about social networks is that young adults who spend more time on Facebook are better at showing “virtual empathy” to their online friends.

Another benefit would be that, online social  networking can help introverted adolescents learn how to socialize behind the safety of various screens, ranging from a two-inch smartphone to a 17-inch labtop.

A major con is that Facebook can be distracting and can negatively impact learning. Studies found that middle school, high school and college students who checked Facebook at least once during a 15-minute study period achieved lower grades.

Also, teens who use Facebook more often show more narcissistic tendencies while young adults who have a strong Facebook presence show more signs of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies.

As a 14 year old girl who does engage in technology, I believe that it is good as well as bad.

I believe technology is bad because it causes children to be lazy and not focus on the more important things in life such as studying or simply exercising.

Also, technology is good because it gives people a fast and neat way to find information, communicate, and be entertained.

Whether or not you as a teen would use it or you as a parent would let your teen use it, really depends on your views on technology as a whole.